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Everyone has his burden. What counts is how you carry it.
Advice and Chizuk
Forgiveness – How To Move On
Question: For the past two months I’ve been dating a boy that I really liked. Things were going well and we saw eye to eye on a lot of different levels. I was pretty sure we were headed towards engagement and was completely shocked when the shadchan called to tell me that he wants to […]...
Ask the Shadchan
Opening Up
open up
Question: I’d like your advice on a shidduch I’m involved in right now. Right now, we are in between the 3rd and 4th date. He told the shadchan that he likes me and that he “sees possibilities”. I definitely like him and admire the person that he is. How do I signal to him th...
Fashion Tips
Spring Colors 2014
With Pesach on it’s way, it’s time for spring shopping (whether it feels like it outside or not)! Shopping for this season is always like a breath of fresh air, especially this year, with such wonderful colors. The following is an article on this season’s colors, written by Pantone...
Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein
Hi, so this is not really on the topic of shidduchim per say, more on growing. It is a recent shiur by Rabbi Wallerstein that I really enjoyed....
This Shiur, by Rabbi Klatzko, is full of valuable tips and tools for any girl that is in shidduchim. Rabbi Klatzko, along with his wit and wisdom, begins with his own humorous dating experience along with his experience at being a Shadchan. He then discusses how to prioritize what one is looking for...

If one is using a fleishig grill to roast marshmallows, the grill should be perfectly clean before doing so, since many marshmallows have fish derivatives in them, and one should not mix fish with meat.